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  • 31-10-2015

    Proge Farm at the conference “Thinking Nutraceutical, considerations and methods” @ EXPO Milan 2015 (21 October 2015)

    With a 2015 turnover  of around 2.5 billion euro in Italy, steadily increasing sales volumes and an increasingly widespread in many therapeutic areas, nutraceuticals are set to become a key segment in the healthcare sector: not only for data market, but also for the benefits it can offer to physicians and patients.


    On October 21, at Expo Milan 2015, a panel of experts, including Dr. Alberto Catapano of Proge Farm, discussed which steps the nutraceutical needs to make to state definitively its role as a strategic partner of healthcare.


    The nutraceutical products are becoming more common among Italian consumers. This is confirmed by the sales figures for the year 2014 showed during the meeting “Thinking Nutraceutical, considerations and methods”, which was held in Expo Milan 2015.


    Despite market data, nutraceuticals still manifest a certain delay, in the consumers’ perception, from the point of view of scientific evidence supporting the efficacy and safety of products, but also in terms of communication strategies and marketing and also in terms of legislation and regulations, especially with regard to the harmonization of national provisions of the Member States within the European Union.


    Proge Farm thanks to Dynamicom Srl  for the organization of the meeting and for the opportunity to contribute to a serious debate between academic researchers, associations and companies in order to strengthen and consolidate the nutraceutical industry.


  • 07-07-2015

    EXPO 2015

    Proge Farm is pleased to announce that Dr. Patrizia Malfa, R&D Manager, will give a speech entitled “ Probiotics and Allergies”  at the Workshop “Food allergies and intolerances, the role of nutrients and food substances in our physical well-being” at the Civil Society Pavillon EXPO 2015 on Friday 10th July 2015.


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  • 03-06-2015

    Vitafoods Europe

    From 4 to 7 May in Geneva was held Vitafoods Europe, the global event for the nutraceutical industry, where we have been present with a stand. It ‘was an important opportunity to introduce the company and its products to the expert. It was a great success in terms of attendance at the event and contacts occurred.